Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Horse Painting Giclee Print, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Horse Fine Art Print

My first post on this blog!  How exciting!

You may know that I am a daily painter and I wanted a blog dedicated to my paintings of birds and animals, both wildlife and domesticated.  So, here we go!

purchase here
12.95 to 19.95
I love this horse painting! The color of the horse, against the green background, just make this piece vibrate!

 The original has sold, so I am offering a giclee print on watercolor paper today.  I only have two in stock, a 8x10" and a 11x14", and they are listed at very special prices.  Click on the link above to purchase and also to read the description.  These two prints have a tiny flaw, you probably wouldn't notice if I didn't tell you.  For that reason, they are listed at very low price!

Thanks for viewing my blog today!


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